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CiFAR is a non-profit, charitable, civil society organisation. Donating to CiFAR enables us to continue our work in fighting against the theft of public assets and campaigning for the return of stolen assets.

CiFAR is committed to fair use of donations, transparent reporting of our work and expenses and accountable use of money entrusted to us. Our accounts and a narrative report of our activities are published in full on our website every year.

We publish the names of all actual and legal persons who donate more than €500 in one calendar year. Should you not wish to be named, please contact us. All data collection is in compliance with German and EU data protection regulations.

At this time of year, we’re asking for your support so we can continue our work in 2018

In 2017 we achieved a lot – from kicking off a training programme for young investigative journalists, to working with young activists, producing research into ongoing cases of cross-border corruption and supporting our network

We have great things planned for 2018

We’re going to support investigative journalists to research cutting edge stories on stolen assets

We’re going to work with civil society from across the world fighting against corruption to strengthen their ability to campaign to get public money back

We’re going to build new generations of activists and take the cause to the streets

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You can also support CiFAR – Civil Forum for Asset Recovery for free just by shopping online. Register and generate funds for CiFAR – Civil Forum for Asset Recovery at HelpFreely.