Show us the money: Nigeria

Shortly after UK PM David Cameron’s comment that Nigeria was ‘fantastically corrupt’, President Muhammadu Buhari publically agreed with him but also asked for the UK’s help to return the money stolen in Nigeria and hidden in the UK. This highlights very clearly the ongoing problem not only in relation to Nigeria, but to many other Read more about Show us the money: Nigeria[…]

Tracking Swiss Asset Returns

Tracking Switzerland's Return of Illicit Assets This page aims to provide an overview of assets relating to corruption and returned, or scheduled for return, by Switzerland and to be a tool for civil society to further engage with these and other potential cases of cross-border corruption and asset recovery. Information for this page was collected Read more about Tracking Swiss Asset Returns[…]

New UK asset recovery framework: important elements for civil society

In 2022, the UK government published a new Framework for transparent and accountable asset return, designed to ‘ensure consistency, transparency, and accountability’ in the return of funds by the UK government. This framework relates to funds returned under both Articles 57(3)(a) or (b) of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) – in other words obligatory Read more about New UK asset recovery framework: important elements for civil society[…]

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Germany 2021

Overview Germany ranks well internationally in terms of corruption perceptions in Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index with a score of 80/100 and a ranking of 9/180.1 It was not ranked in the 2021 Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index but ranked 99th out of 125 (with 125 being the best) in the 2019 ranking, below many Read more about Germany 2021[…]

South Africa 2021

Overview South Africa presents somewhat of a paradox in its fight against corruption. It is characterized by a robust institutional, legal, and policy-based anti-corruption framework. However, the country’s reputation as one of Africa’s economic hubs has been tarnished by persistent levels of corruption, on both a grand and administrative scale. Corruption in South Africa has Read more about South Africa 2021[…]

5. High Level Cases

Now let’s explore some high-profile cases of stolen assets. Critical Thinking When you review these cases, are there any patterns that stand out in terms of transparency, the rule of law, governance, and regime durability? Case 1: Vladimiro Montesinos Country: Peru Player: Vladimiro Montesinos [former head of intelligence services and advisor to President Alberto Fujimori Read more about 5. High Level Cases[…]

Conference – New Trends & Destination Countries

CiFAR and the International State Crime Initiative Kleptocracy and Asset Recovery: The Role of Destination Countries Cross-border corruption is a multi-billion dollar a year challenge to democratic norms and to transparent and accountable governance. Corruption cements the power base of authoritarian regimes, using financial jurisdictions in regions such as the UK, US and Switzerland to Read more about Conference – New Trends & Destination Countries[…]

Understanding Uganda’s asset recovery policy

This is a guest blog by Agaba Tabitha. For any inquiries, you may contact her at Asset recovery – the return of assets stolen through corruption from the countries where they were hidden – is an important tool in the fight against corruption because it helps countries recover lost resources. Whereas some countries have taken Read more about Understanding Uganda’s asset recovery policy[…]