Call for applications – Kenya Asset Recovery Consultant

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Application closing date: Wednesday 15 September 2021, 16:00 CEST

Start date: 15 October 2021 (foreseen)

Duration: 12 months (with the possibility of extension)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya, with occasional trips to Berlin (conditions permitting)

Remuneration: USD 30,000, paid at USD 2,500 per month, incl. taxes


More and more countries in East and Southern Africa are increasing their efforts to fight endemic grand corruption, illicit financial flows and to recover assets stolen through corruption. Kenya is witnessing a particularly strong momentum in advancing stolen asset recovery in the past few years. Authorities have made considerable efforts to pass laws creating legal and institutional asset recovery frameworks, especially to manage returned assets both domestically and internationally. Several high-level cross-border corruption cases have come to light and the government was able to return USD 3.7 million from Jersey, Switzerland and the UK in 2018, with more return negotiations taking place. Corruption cases linked to the outbreak of COVID-19 at the same time have shown that change is far from complete. Civil society in Kenya needs particularly focussed support at this time to harness these cases and the ongoing demands for reform they entail for substantive anti-corruption and democratic reform.

Against this background, CiFAR is aiming to establish a permanent presence in Kenya to support civil society working on asset recovery both in Kenya and its neighbouring countries. In 2020, CiFAR conducted a scoping trip to Kenya, aiming to building knowledge and contacts with CSOs in the country, as well as to understand the strengths and needs of civil society working on asset recovery in the country. Following the trip, we conducted a training programme aimed at engaging and building the capacity of local civil society groups in asset recovery, cross-border corruption and sanctions. During the workshops, participants were encouraged to start thinking about how they can engage in actions around asset recovery reform, investigations and campaigns in their country. Along with experts and state actors, participants analysed their national legal and institutional frameworks, ongoing relevant corruption and asset recovery cases, and reflected on challenges and opportunities of civil society engagement in these areas up until today. They also started discussing and brainstorming about potential further engagement, looking at possible areas of intervention, needs for reform and collaboration with local authorities, joint CSO work and further support needs.

Building on the knowledge acquired in 2020 and a further assessment conducted in Spring 2021, CiFAR is currently planning to scale up its activities in the country for 2021-2022. As part of this, CiFAR is looking for an Asset Recovery Consultant, initially for a period of 12 months and based in Kenya, to lead on these activities.


The consultancy aims to:

  • Establish a CiFAR presence in Kenya, laying the grounds for long-term support to CSOs in the country, as well other countries in East and Southern Africa.
  • Increase the capacity of Kenyan civil society groups to work on asset recovery
  • Develop and expand CIFAR’s work in Kenya, specifically its collaboration and support to local CSOs in 2021-2022
  • Build strong and durable relations between CIFAR and local CSOs working on asset recovery in the country
  • Fundraise for CiFAR’s long term engagement in Kenya and the neighbouring countries after project end and support partner fundraising for asset recovery projects
  • Contribute to policy and legislation change around asset recovery in Kenya

Some of the outputs expected from the consultancy include:

  • Opening of a CiFAR office in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Developing a strategic plan for CIFAR’s short, mid- and long-term engagement in Kenya
  • Work to develop strategic plans for at least 3 local civil society organisations to work on asset recovery in the short-, mid- and long-terms in Kenya, including thinking about collaborative, regional and international engagement
  • Produce a series of research, raising awareness and policy engagement activities around asset recovery carried out in collaboration with local CSOs
  • Carry out individual training sessions for local CSOs on specific topics, as agreed with CiFAR
  • Prepare a mid- and final evaluation report of the achievements in the consultancy and roadmap for follow up

Person Requirements

  • Based in Nairobi, Kenya or availability to relocate there and with permission to live and work in Kenya.
  • Availability to travel for potentially 1-2 weeks in Berlin over the project time, Germany to plan and discuss activities with CiFAR
  • Sound knowledge of and experience (5-10 years) in fighting cross-border. grand corruption and illicit financial flows (IFFs), knowledge and experience in asset recovery an advantage
  • Sound experience (5-10 years) in advocacy planning, strategy planning and support work for civil society, including sustainability and communication strategies, as well as in monitoring and evaluation of CSO strategy implementation
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the political, institutional and policy framework in Kenya, experience engaging with authorities and decision-makers on anti-corruption topics an advantage
  • Sound knowledge of the role of CSOs in anti-corruption, preferably on IFFs and stolen asset recovery in Kenya and generally
  • Knowledge and previous engagement with local civil society groups active in anti-corruption and asset recovery in Kenya


The consultant will receive a fixed fee of USD 30,000, at USD 2,500 per month, incl. taxes.

CiFAR is registered in Germany with the tax number: 27 / 662 / 57629. In order to determine the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of this tender, we kindly request that the consultants fill out the VAT Form for Tenders/Vendor Form (instructions inside the form) and submit the completed and signed form along with their email application.

We will provide a small budget for office space for the duration of the contract.

Application process

The application should include the following elements:

  • A cover letter explaining your experience and suitability for the consultancy.
  • CV and relevant reference letters, if available
  • Information about VAT status

To apply, please send your application to info@cifar.eu with the subject line ‘Embedded Expert Kenya” by 16:00 CEST on Wednesday 15 September 2021.