Our team

Agatino Camarda | Executive Director & Co-Founder

Agatino Camarda is a founder of CiFAR and leads our organisation. With a background in international relations and a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, since 2010 Agatino has worked to support civil society worldwide on human rights, anti-corruption, migration and asset recovery.

Lucia Cizmaziova | Project Coordinator

Lucia is a Project Coordinator at CiFAR. Her role primarily focusses on sanctions policy, at the EU and national level and support for civil society to become more effective in campaigning for accountabilty and transparency in asset recovery.

Alexandre Brutelle | Project Coordinator

Alexandre is a Project Coordinator at CiFAR. He is in charge of CiFAR’s second investigative training programme for journalists from the Western Balkans, North Africa and Western Europe. He is also a freelance investigative journalist and reporter, as well as a founder of Politics Watch.

María Covarrubias | Intern

María is a Public Policy Master student at the Hertie School. She has professional experience in public relations, with a specialization in social responsibility, corporate communications, technology and real state accounts. She is an intern with CiFAR for Spring 2021.

Jackson Oldfield | Co-Founder & Board Member

Jackson Oldfield is a founder of CiFAR and currently a board member. He has a background in international law and has worked for several years in a range of policy and research positions looking at asset recovery and anti-corruption, corporate human rights responsibility and legal reform.

Laila Martin | Co-Founder & Board Member

Laila Martin is a founder of CiFAR. She has a background in international relations, security, and development. She has worked in the defense of human rights and non-violent movements in the Middle East and North Africa. Laila is currently working on planning strategies of communication and advocacy on the rights of the immigrant and Latino community in the United States.

Our advisory board

Our advisory board provides strategic guidance to the leadership of the CiFAR. It helps ensure that we remain true to our mission, helps to promote our work and provides direction for out future development and implementation of our projects. Read the advisory board’s ToRs here.


Dr. Clara Portela | Academia

Dr. Clara Portela is a Faculty Member at the Department of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia (Spain). She holds a PhD in Political Science from the European University Institute in Florence and an MA from the Free University of Berlin. She is the author of the monograph “European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy” (2010), for which she received the THESEUS Award for Promising Research on European Integration.

Mouheb Garoui | Civil Society

Mouheb Garoui is the co-founder of I WATCH Organization, the National Chapter of Transparency International in Tunisia and served as its Executive Director from March 2014 to April 2017. He also served as the President of the same NGO from 2011 to 2014. In 2016, he was appointed in the MENA seat of UNCAC Coalition (the global network of over 350 civil society organisations in over 100 countries, committed to promoting the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

Lukas Straumann | Civil Society

Lukas Straumann is the Executive Director of the Bruno Manser Fund, a Swiss NGO active in the fields of tropical rainforest conservation and anti-corruption. He holds a PhD in History from Zurich University and investigated the Swiss pharmaceutical industry’s wartime conduct on behalf of the Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland – Second World War (ICE). Lukas Straumann is the author of Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia (Bergli Books, 2014). He has recently qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner.