Project support: Supporting CSOs in East and Southern Africa to tackle illicit financial flows: Scoping phase

Terms of Reference

Application closing date: 26 April 2021

Start date: ASAP

Duration: ASAP until End of September 2021

Location: remote

Remuneration: up to 4.500€

1. Description

CiFAR is currently starting the project “Supporting CSOs in East and Southern Africa to tackle illicit financial flows: Scoping phase”, running between April and September 2021. The project aims to analyse the role of civil society in the East and Southern Africa in promoting asset recovery and fighting against grand corruption and Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs). Through this assessment, CIFAR aims to build the baseline for its future involvement with civil society organisations in the two regions.

The project foresees the assessment of five countries in East and Southern Africa that show promise for civil society organisations to have a stronger voice in the asset recovery process and in countering IFFs, but where capacity gaps exist and where networks are lacking. These countries are Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa. The analysis will also include conducting background research on the legal and policy frameworks relevant for asset recovery and anti-corruption, as well as legislation and operational frameworks relating to civil society in each target country. The outcome of the analysis will be published through five country profiles on CiFAR’s website. In order to allow for a regional analysis of asset recovery and IFF frameworks and of CSO engagement in East and Southern Africa, the project also aims to collate information collected at the country level into a regional study. The study will allow identifying trends, commonalities and differences at the regional level and exploring opportunities for CSO engagement at the sub-regional and regional level. It will also allow identifying and assessing CSO actors already active at the regional level, as well as governmental actors working across countries in the region and advocacy opportunities on asset recovery and the fight against IFF regionally.

CiFAR is looking for an organisation based in East Africa to support the implementation of the project.

The consultant will:

  • Agree on a detailed work plan within two weeks of project start, including tasks and timeline for regular communication with CiFAR
  • Identify and facilitate email or other written contact with national and regional civil society groups to be interviewed for the research, as well as with other local and regional stakeholders, such as international donors based in the region, international NGOs, academia and other experts relevant for the research
  • Provide its own assessment about strengths, weaknesses and potential of collaboration of local civil society organisations in target countries, as well as at the regional levels, both in writing through short assessments and during individual phone calls with CiFAR, as needed
  • Identify suitable experts to conduct country policy and institutional framework assessments on asset recovery, IFF and grand corruption
  • Identify publications and other research materials relevant to the topics covered under this project, such as national and regional assessments of CSO legal and operational frameworks and asset recovery and anti-corruption frameworks
  • Provide its own assessment of local and regional contexts of asset recovery, fight against IFF and grand corruption, as well as CSO legal and operational frameworks, both in writing through short assessments and during phone calls with CiFAR, as needed
  • Review and contribute to review project outputs, including the country profiles and the regional study

2. Timeframe

Start: As soon as possible, until end of September 2021

3. Requirements and eligibility

  • Based in East or Southern Africa and registered as a private/non-profit entity
  • Extensive experience in collaborating and supporting civil society in Eastern and Southern Africa at the national and regional levels
  • Knowledge of capacity strengths and weaknesses of CSOs from East and Southern Africa, especially in anti-corruption and related fields
  • Knowledge of and experience in countering IFF, fighting grand corruption and asset recovery at the regional level
  • Knowledge of civil society legal and operational frameworks in East and Southern Africa
  • Experience in project and financial management of similar projects
  • Experience with international organisations and INGOs an advantage

4. Remuneration

Offers in the range of € 4.500 will be considered.

The consultant should provide a breakdown of costs, before any VAT or other charges, of estimated costs.

CiFAR is registered in Germany with the tax number: 27 / 662 / 57629. In order to determine the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of this tender, we kindly request that the consultants fill out the VAT Form for Tenders/Vendor Form (instructions inside the form) and submit the completed and signed form along with their email application.

The link to the VAT Form for Tenders/Vendor Form is available below.


5. Application

The application should include the following documents

  • Organisation profile indicating suitability to the consultancy
  • Completed VAT form
  • Financial offer

To apply, please send your application to acamarda@cifar.eu with the subject line ‘Project Support East and Southern Africa” by midnight CET 26 April 2021.