Projects and Campaigns

At CiFAR we work collaboratively with civil society from across the globe against the systems that allow stolen assets to be moved across borders and the individuals that profit from these systems.

Civil society often needs support when a new case of asset theft is identified in their jurisdiction – both in international asset recovery processes and in building connections to other organisations and actors to campaign for a return of assets that is fair, transparent and participatory.

CiFAR’s projects span both sides of this equation – we campaign as an organisation to close loopholes allowing asset theft and for justice for those who steal public goods, and we provide training, education and network building for civil society groups and activists to become better at fighting asset theft in their jurisdiction.

We do this through:

Building capacity



We develop the expertise, knowledge and skills non-state actors to play a strong and effective role in the asset recovery process

We enable stronger cross-border cooperation of non-state actors to fight against public asset theft and for asset recovery

We campaign collectively against impunity for the theft of state assets, structures facilitating asset theft and for the return of stolen assets.