Coordinated Advocacy

Civil society needs to work together to push for evidence-based global, regional and national reforms to make asset recovery accountable, transparent and work for systemic change. This priority aims to continue our coordinated work with civil society for these reforms and ensure that voices from the Global South are given greater priority.


Recent years have seen civil society organisations come together for international conferences and events, as well as part of case-specific advocacy groups. It has also seen us lead a coordinated effort to develop Global CSO Principles. Despite this, there are still barriers to cooperation, particularly between civil society organisations, where there is still a big over-representation of civil society from financial centres in events and in coordination groups.


What we’re doing

Our work in this area includes convening civil society across borders on asset recovery, supporting civil society actors to build their networks through meetings and events and through expanding our databases of engaged actors and individuals. It also includes raising issues at international events, supporting civil society from the Global South in these fora and empowering their voices at the global and regional levels.

CAPAR Civil Society Network

Established in 2023, the objective of the network is joint CSO advocacy for the CAPAR and coordinated monitoring of national level implementation of the CAPAR.


The Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption took place in Sharm El Sheikh, in December 2021. During this conference we held a session on the Management of Recovered Assets, available to view here.

Global Forum for Asset Recovery

The Global Forum for Asset Recovery, which took from the 4-6 December 2017 in Washington D.C., was the first globally focussed intergovernmental forum on stolen asset recovery. We set out a series of recommendations for that.