General Returns Principles

This is a collection of principles developed by civil society and government on the return of assets confiscated under the UNCAC process, i.e. the confiscated proceeds of corruption.

Civil Society Principles for Accountable Asset Return

The Civil Society Principles for Accountable Asset Return have been developed through a consultative, year-long process involving civil society organizations from across the globe. They are minimum, framework standards and are designed to be supplemented by country and case specific detail by civil society.

Year: 2019

Transparency International France’s Principles and Proposals for the Return of Assets

While aimed at a French audience, this collection of principles and proposals has applicability in most returns. It covers 5 key principles that should govern the allocation of assets derived from grand corruption and a scheme for the allocation of the proceeds of grand corruption

Year: 2017

GFAR Principles for Disposition and Transfer of Confiscated Stolen Assets in Corruption Cases

These principles, annexed to the final comminque of the Global Forum on Asset Recovery represent the view of the GFAR countries (Nigeria, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine), as well as the hosts (the UK and the US) on how stolen money shoud be returned. They should therefore be understood as an important set of criteria for use in other cases.

Year: 2017

UNCAC Coalition: Civil Society Statement for the Global Forum on Asset Recovery

This statement contains several key principles agreed by civil society organisations involved in asset recovery, including on the return of stolen assets. It was prepared for the Global Forum on Asset Recovery, which took place in 2017.

Year: 2017