Sanctions and asset recovery

This page contains information on the role of national and coordinated sanctions as a tool for asset recovery.

Briefing Paper: Repurposing Frozen Russian Assets for Victims in Ukraine

This briefing paper outlines eight recommendations to the UK government on confiscating frozen Russian assets and repurposing them for victims in Ukraine.

Year: 2022

A Blacklist is (Almost) Born: Building a resilient EU human rights sanctions regime

This report, written by Dr. Clara Portela, takes a deep look at EU human rights sanctions and the potentials and challenges of the proposed new regime.

Year: 2020

Sanctioning Kleptocrats. An Assessment of EU Misappropriation Sanctions

This report, prepared by CiFAR, assesses the role of EU sanctions as a tool for asset recovery, looking at both sanctions in force and comparing them to sanction tools available elsewhere.

Year: 2019