Keep the assets frozen

UPDATE: With Decision 2017/496 of 21 March 2017 the Council of the European Union has extended the freezing of assets of Mubarak, his family and cronies until March 2018. Four individuals were removed from the list of affected people.

Below is our 2017 Campaign calling for the asset freeze to be renewed.

The European Union has a duty to both the citizens of Egypt and citizens of each European country, to punish corrupt officials and their networks.

We encourage the European Union to not accept the theft of state assets and, in 2017, to keep Mubarak´s assets frozen.

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What's this all about?

Panama Papers: Investigating Shadow man Alaa Mubarak

Egypt's stolen billions - Watch the BBC Documentary

Estimates indicate Mubarak's family has a net worth of at least $5 billion, with some media reports pegging the family fortune at between $40 and $70 billion.

Scroll on the pictures to find out some of the stolen assets across Europe and in Egypt.

How much of the estimated assets were frozen? Very little.
How much was returned to Egypt? Zero.

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