Launched today: Investigate – the manual, volume II

We are pleased to launch today volume II of our groundbreaking Investigate Manual, providing tools and resources for journalists looking into financial crime, illicit financial flows, cross-border corruption and asset recovery.

Building on our first manual (found in EN and FR here), which included guides on the theoretical framework for investigations, investigative resources and techniques (including deep web searches, databases and tools, digital safety and access to information), and case studies from our trainees, our second edition goes further and includes exciting new topics essential for financial investigations.

It starts with international standards relevant for investigative journalism, providing a solid legal background for journalists to make their claims to be able to produce their stories and receive the documents they need to conduct their investigations.

Next, it looks at fact-checking – how can you as a journalist be sure that the information you are looking at is real and how to spot fakes that may hinder or damage your investigation.

It continues with consideration of physical safety for investigative journalists. What tools and techniques should you and your newsroom institute to make sure that you are carrying out your investigation with due regard for your personal security?

It ends with a look at gender and gender disparities in conducting investigations. What considerations should you think about in terms of gender when you are conducting your investigation`?

This manual is essential for any journalist considering initiating a financial investigation and has been developed in cooperation with journalists with extensive experience in conducting these kinds of investigation. The full Volume II manual is available in both English and French here!