WEBINAR: Enforcing sanctions successfully and using fines for the public good.

Online event: 25 January 2023, 16:00 – 17:15 CET
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The successful enforcement of sanctions relies on the action and compliance of a range of actors across cooperating jurisdictions, from financial institutions to the business sector.

Several jurisdictions have, or are thinking of introducing, legislative or policy tools to ensure and respond to breaches of sanctions, such as the US KleptoCapture Task Force, but new measures are also planned to be introduced at the EU level.

The European Commission announced in December 2022 its proposal for a Directive on the definition of penalties for the violation of sanctions, noting that the increased use of sanctions regimes has been accompanied by the growth of evasion schemes aimed to circumvent these sanctions.

These new policies raise questions around the practical steps needed to ensure successful enforcement of sanctions, including the imposition of fines for their breaches and using these fines for the public good.

The aim of this webinar will be to explore the new possibilities and hurdles that the anti-breach legislation brings for the public and the private sector.


  • Jackson Oldfield – Co-Founder, Civil Forum for Asset Recovery (welcome)
  • Mareike Müller – Russia Correspondent, Handelsblatt (moderation)
  • James Bolton-Jones – Advocacy Advisor, Spotlight on Corruption
  • Dr. Sascha Lohmann – Visiting Fellow, The Americas Research Division, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
  • Tinatin Tsertsvadze – Senior Policy Analyst, Open Society Foundation—Europe and Central Asia
  • Ilya Zaslavskiy  – Political and due diligence analyst, Underminers.info project

Discussion by the panelists will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

You can see our previous webinar recordings here but please note that this webinar will NOT be recorded.

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