Annual Report 2020

Today we are happy to launch our 2020 Annual Report. The report details the work we have done over the past year to advance accountable and transparent asset recovery. 2020 was an exciting and interesting year for CiFAR. The global COVID-19 pandemic saw us forced us to rapidly and drastically alter our project planning and in many cases delayed the implementation of activities. At the same time, this forced rethink of our model of work has also led to the rolling-out of approaches that can have long term utility and have helped us to become a much more digitally developed organisation.

We launched our new strategy this year, which sets out our work and priorities for the coming four years. 2020 also saw the continuation of two key programmes: our civil society support programme, with a focus on Kenya, Mexico, Moldova and Mozambique, and our investigate programme, that in its second instalment covered the Western Balkans, Western Europe and North Africa. While both of these had events moved online, they both succeed in reaching out to and developing the skills of professionals in cross-border corruption and asset recovery.

The year also saw the launch of several new reports that provide the backbone for our work and for our and our partners engagement with government. This included a series of four reports looking at sanctions as a tool for asset recovery and on recovery to Yemen. It also included the development of joint Civil Society Principles for Accountable Asset Return and speaking in several high profile panel discussions.

Since founding, almost five years ago, we have grown greatly, becoming an organisation that has the skills and resources to be a hub for civil society -led asset recovery. As we enter our fifth year of operations, we strive to continue our work to support civil society across the globe be more effective in combatting cross-border corruption and demanding accountable and transparent asset recovery.

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