Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption: CiFAR Launches the Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya

Corruption continues to be a pressing issue affecting countries worldwide, with citizens bearing the brunt of its detrimental consequences. Asset recovery plays a vital role in the fight against corruption, ensuring that stolen funds are returned to their rightful owners and reinforcing transparency and accountability within the nation. In Kenya, we are seeing growing amounts of money returned through both asset recovery carried out domestically and from overseas destinations.

Navigating the complexities of the asset recovery process can often be overwhelming for citizens and organizations seeking to actively participate and contribute to this crucial endeavour, however.

In response to this challenge, the Civil Forum for Asset Recovery (CiFAR) has launched a Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya. This user-friendly and informative guide aims to empower citizens, private sector actors, and civil society organizations to have the knowledge and tools to effectively understand and engage with the asset recovery process in Kenya.

The Guide covers:

  1. What asset recovery is and how it works in practice
  2. The legal framework enabling the recovery of stolen assets
  3. Relevant institutions engaged in recovering assets and their role in the process
  4. The roles of citizens, the private sector and the media in asset recovery
  5. Details of several successful international asset recovery cases

Lewis Kundai, Project Officer at CiFAR said: “By breaking down and explaining the complexities of the asset recovery process, CiFAR aims to empower individuals and organizations to play an active role in supporting successful asset recovery efforts in Kenya.”

Lucia Cizmaziova, Research and Policy Manger at CiFAR added: “The launch of the Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya reflects CiFAR’s commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement in anti-corruption initiatives. The guide aims to be a valuable tool for researchers, policymakers, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens seeking to actively contribute to the fight against corruption in Kenya.

To access the Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya, visit the link here. We encourage everyone to make the most of this resource and join us in our collective effort to combat corruption and promote a more just, transparent and accountable asset recovery process.

You can also download this InfoSheet for a quick overview of the guide!