Asset Management in Kenya

Over the past decade, Kenya has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to prioritizing asset recovery within its broader anti-corruption and anti-money laundering initiatives. Recognizing these efforts, the 2022 Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) Mutual Evaluation Report by the Eastern and Southern African Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) commended the government’s strides in enhancing both institutional and legislative frameworks. Read more about Asset Management in Kenya[…]

New project spotlight: Corruption in Paradise

How is illicit finance affecting the housing market in cities, what can cities do to challenge illicit financial flows that are affecting their real estate markets and what is the role of real estate agents in this? While these are typically questions thought of in global financial centres – think London, Paris or Hong Kong Read more about <strong>New project spotlight: Corruption in Paradise</strong>[…]

Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption: CiFAR Launches the Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya

Corruption continues to be a pressing issue affecting countries worldwide, with citizens bearing the brunt of its detrimental consequences. Asset recovery plays a vital role in the fight against corruption, ensuring that stolen funds are returned to their rightful owners and reinforcing transparency and accountability within the nation. In Kenya, we are seeing growing amounts Read more about <strong>Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption: CiFAR Launches the Citizen Guide to Asset Recovery in Kenya</strong>[…]

Returning assets indirectly through third-party entities

Read our new report – Indirect Asset Return Through Third-Party Entities Indirect return mechanisms describe the practice of returning recovered money across borders indirectly via third-party entities that stand between cooperating governments. These entities might be called in to aid in the negotiations, as well as in the process of the distribution of the returned Read more about Returning assets indirectly through third-party entities[…]

Asset Recovery in Kenya: Overview and Explainer

Read CiFAR’s new research paper: Asset Recovery in Kenya The Kenyan government has been engaged in more recent years in cross-border asset freezing, confiscation, and return of the proceeds of corruption. Nevertheless, it is not lost on many that to a large extent, international cases have begun due to the proactivity of the countries holding Read more about Asset Recovery in Kenya: Overview and Explainer[…]