Anti-corruption sanctions: 2023 in numbers

In 2023, sanctions continued to be a popular tool of foreign policy and many new individuals and entities were designated for one reason or another. As CiFAR launches its updated Sanctions Watch platform today, which tracks individuals sanctioned for reasons related to corruption, this blog takes stock of the changed listings across key anti-corruption sanctions Read more about Anti-corruption sanctions: 2023 in numbers[…]

Recovering the Moldovan billion

              Photo: Accent TV In our last post on Moldova, we talked about how in 2014 Moldovan kleptocrats allegedly stole over a billion dollars through a sophisticated bank fraud scheme. Things do not seem to be going in the right direction since then: the mastermind behind the fraud – Read more about Recovering the Moldovan billion[…]

Europe’s forgotten corruption heaven: Moldova

Moldova – Europe’s tiny, little known and poorest country – has arguably become a giant of corruption and money laundering in the past ten years. Research indicates that the country landed in the hands of powerful kleptocrats – above all, Vladimir Plahotniuc – who were able to take control of most public institutions, making the Read more about Europe’s forgotten corruption heaven: Moldova[…]

CiFAR’s interview with Zarul de Garda

“Politicians must accept that stolen assets belongs to the Moldovan people and that they must be found and recovered” In October 2018, CiFAR co-founder Agatino Camarda travelled to Chisinau, Moldova to meet with activists and journalists fighting corruption. Zarul de Garda, one of the most important online and offline investigative journalism outlets in Moldova, interviewed Read more about CiFAR’s interview with Zarul de Garda[…]